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Linden Lab Selects Ingenico ePayments for Credit Card Processing in over 200 Countries and Regions

Ingenico ePayments, the online and mobile commerce division of Ingenico Group, today announced that it will provide full-service credit card processing for Linden Lab® in over 200 countries and regions for the next three years.

Additionally, Ingenico ePayments will provide collecting and FX services, enabling Linden Lab® to offer their customers payments in multiple currencies and receive the remittance in Linden Lab®’s preferred currency. The two companies had a previous relationship that began in 2007, through Ingenico ePayments’ predecessor, GlobalCollect. In 2015, GlobalCollect (prior to its rebranding to Ingenico ePayments) and Linden Lab renewed and strengthened this relationship through a tailored collaboration that touched upon Linden Lab’s unique requirements and addressed its specific needs.

Linden Lab is a privately held internet company based out of San Francisco, California, that is best known as the creator of Second Life®, a 3D virtual world filled with user-created content. Residents of Second Life use avatars to socialize with others from all over the world, enjoy a wide variety of activities, and participate in a virtual economy based on user-created goods and services. Because of the international nature of the digitial products that Linden Lab offers its customers, it required a payment service provider that could offer a wide range of credit cards around the world.

Ingenico ePayments worked diligently to demonstrate that it could support Linden Lab’s specific ambitions and as a result, the two companies are more aligned than ever before. Ingenico ePayments’ proven capability to drive incremental conversions on authorizations, leading to an increase in sales revenue, was a significant factor in the decision. As a result, in the fall of last year, Ingenico ePayments became a full-service credit card payment processor for Linden Lab’s payments around the world.

Ingenico ePayments will further support Linden Lab’s business goals through its comprehensive business intelligence tool, Elevate, which is designed to translate raw payment and chargeback data into easy to read dashboards. This tool, combined with Ingenico ePayments’ consultative approach, will further Linden Lab’s ability to quickly identify and act on payment challenges and opportunities.

After experiencing their tailored approach towards our company, I am confident that Ingenico ePayments is the right payment service provider for Linden Lab and our customers,” said Aston Waldman, Senior Finance Director of Linden Lab. “They demonstrated that not only are they a reliable payments processor for credit cards around the world, but also that they understand our business and are committed to helping us reach our goals.”

David Jimenez, Chief Revenue Officer of Ingenico ePayments has said: “I am thrilled that our commitment and perseverance proved to Linden Lab that we are well-suited to meet their international payment needs. It gives me great pleasure to announce the renewal of our existing agreement with Linden Lab, with an even stronger relationship than ever before.”

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