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With IngeTrust, Ingenico steps security and lowers estate management costs

IngeTrust creates a totally secure link between terminals and remote estate management servers allowing customers to download with complete confidence!

Ingenico, a global leader in payment and secure transaction solutions, announced the availability of the new security layer IngeTrust within IngEstate, its terminal estate management solution.

IngeTrust, absolute security even for downloading secret acquirer keys

IngeTrust, an optional new security layer for IngEstate, allows for mutual authentication between terminals and the IngEstate terminal management solution, creating an unrivalled security link. IngeTrust reinforces the security of downloads and enables Ingenico’s customers to perfectly control the configurations of their terminals deployed on the field.

One of the groundbreaking features planned for the IngeTrust project is the ability to inject acquirer keys remotely. These keys, that are used to authenticate the payment host and to secure transactions, must currently be injected in a highly secure room. IngeTrust will dramatically reduce the costs of key injections by bypassing the need for a secure room and allowing the terminal to remain at the merchant location, instead of shipping it back.

IngeTrust also enables banks to sell new services and to reduce terminal configuration costs. In this way, banks that rent terminals to merchants will be able to offer their partners memory space on these terminals (for prepayment applications for example) whilst at the same time locking access to unauthorised parties.

By integrating IngeTrust into IngEstate, we are stepping up the security of downloads and offering a range of new services to banks and terminal estate managers. Thanks to this new solution, cryptographic keys can be downloaded in a simple, fast and secure manner while being economically viable," explains Didier Sérodon, Ingenico's Marketing Director and Member of the Executive Committee.

IngEstate, remote software maintenance solution

Designed for bank terminal estate managers, IngEstate is a powerful solution for remote management of these terminals. A large proportion of on-site interventions concern software problems. The high cost of these operations could be significantly reduced by implementing IngEstate.

Remote software maintenance makes it possible to rectify certain incidents in real time, to carry out download campaigns (credit cards, private applications, etc.) and to propose new services to merchants.

Available as a service hosted by Ingenico or in the form of a product to be installed directly on site by the customer, IngEstate provides all the necessary functionality for the management of extended complex terminal estates.

Launched at the start of 2004, the IngEstate solution has been successfully installed at over 35 sites throughout the world, and in particular in France, Spain, Brazil, Norway, Italy, the United Kingdom and the Netherlands.

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    Global Press Officer

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