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Ingenico Group commits to the climate action and signs the French Business Climate Pledge

On 29 August 2019, in the context of France Entrepreneurs Summit (LaREF) organized by MEDEF, Ingenico Group commits itself alongside 98 other French companies to collectively accelerate innovation and R&D through investments in Low carbon solutions that will drastically reduce global greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Climate change is unequivocal. Greenhouse gases change natural balances and the climate warms up. Industry and human activities have a proven direct impact, and climate change is gradually challenging our traditional growth models.

Ingenico is a global leader in the payment industry. As a group with a strong international footprint, our responsibility towards the planet is even more important and that is why we want to participate, at our level, in the collective drive for climate. We all have a role to play in building tomorrow’s world" said Nicolas Huss, Managing Director of Ingenico Group.

Our commitment to climate action is articulated around several complementary initiatives:


  • Yearly assessment of greenhouse gas emissions across our entire value chain to identify necessary action plans.
  • Efforts to limit the energy consumption related to the use of our products, and this, from their design phase.
  • Support of our customers in the recycling of their end-of-life terminals. The objective is to extend the coverage of recycling programs to 75% of the countries where the Group is present by 20231.
  • Dematerialization of payment receipts to optimize the carbon footprint of each transaction2.
  • Use of green energies for the processing of payment transactions. By 2023, all our European data centers will be supplied with electricity from renewable sources.


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  1. 50% in 2018
  2. The use of thermal paper is the main source of greenhouse gas emissions in our value chain (39.5% of emissions in 2018)


Watch the interview of Nicolas Huss, CEO during the event