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Open readers series

New Open payment terminals designed for validators and gates

Ingenico’s Open/1500 and Open/2500 belong to a new generation of unattended devices combining the best of the transport and payment worlds. Easily integrating into bus and tram validators and railway gates, these readers enable all closed-loop cards (Mifare®, Desfire®, NFC…) and all contactless payments including contactless tickets, mobiles or IoT. The Open Series are certified with the most demanding transportation standards and payment security standards (PCI-PTS v5.1).

Open readers can also be used in any other use case requiring contactless management (Closed loop, Open loop) in a strongly ruggedized terminal (toll, parking, EV charging, bike rental…).

The Open/1500 and Open/2500 are part of the OP2GO solution, a unique and innovative payment solution designed for the mass transit market

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Powerful and scalable contactless module with a wider reading  area and more visible thanks to is multiples LEDs



Stealthy, powerful and scalable contactless module to fit easily & sleekly in plastic embedded validators (bus, tramway, train, ferry…).



Just tap & travel with Ingenico OP2GO.
Payment cards & transport ticketing: combining the best of both worlds.