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Modular solutions

Ruggedized solutions for intensive outdoor use

This wide range of highly secure PCI-PTS devices allows for smooth integration of cashless payment acceptance in self-service kiosks, with easy hardware and software installations. These configurations are ruggedized to withstand intensive use and come in a range of configurations to cover any outdoor self-service scenario. 

A dedicated solution facilitating any self-service business, compatible with Ingenico’s suite of services.

Fleet management

Business services

Software & Integration


Self Modular

Ruggedized and secure configurations, built for outdoor and intensive use cases.


iSelf Series / DUO

Compact unattended payment solutions for self-service business. It is a 2-module configuration designed for indoor and qualified outdoor kiosks. iUP250LE - iUC250


iSelf Series / TRIO

Complete unattended payment solutions for self-service business. It is a 3-module configuration designed for outdoor and intensive use (IK10, IP65 & IP34). iUP250 LE - iUR250 - iUC150B


Self Series - Brochure

Payment solutions for all your self-service use cases