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Roaming retail / How in-store mobility is redefining the shopper journey

Retail is set to undergo a tremendous transformation during the next five years as in-store mobility goes mainstream and even more retailers switch on to its potential to enhance both customer experience and drive sales.

Download our new position paper to discover Ingenico insights and solutions to help merchants drive a successful in-store mobility strategy.

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Forging Fidelity / Customer loyalty gets a digital makeover

The traditional model of transactional customer loyalty programmes is broken. This presents an opportunity for retailers to differentiate themselves and build customer loyalty via an emotional connection with shoppers.

Download our latest position paper to discover the new trends and best practices to develop a successful loyalty strategy.

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This year, the biggest challenge for all businesses will be how they continue to adapt and react to the ever changing new normal we are all experiencing. With the COVID-19 pandemic accelerating the shift to online and cashless payments, many businesses have had to adapt quickly. 

With this due to continue for the foreseeable future, it is important to explore the key trends and developments in omnichannel across retail, QSR, EVC, transport, parking and vending

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