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Offices In Germany


Ingenico Payment Services GmbH
Ginnheimer Straße 4
65760 Eschborn


website http://www.ingenico.de/payment-services



Ingenico Healthcare GmbH
Konrad-Zuse-Ring 1
24220 Flintbek


(T) +49 (0)4347–715 2350

(F) +49 (0)4347-715 2351

website https://ingenico.de/healthcare



Ingenico Marketing Solutions GmbH
Hugh-Greene-Weg 2
22529 Hamburg


(T) +49 (0)4073 4404-01

(F) +49 (0)4073 4404-296

website http://www.ingenico.de/marketing-solutions



Ingenico GmbH
Daniel-Goldbach-Straße 17-19
40880 Ratingen


(T) +49-2102-7701-0

(F) +49-2102-7701-495

Email info.de@ingenico.com

website http://www.ingenico-gmbh.de



Ingenico Payment Services GmbH
Daniel-Goldbach-Str. 17-19
40880 Ratingen


(T) +49 2102 9979 0

(F) +49 2102 9979 900

website http://www.ingenico.de/payment-services



Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions GmbH
Daniel-Goldbach-Strasse 17-19
40880 Ratingen


(T) +49 (0)221 455 30 180

(F) +49 (0)221 455 30 181

Email salesde.ecom@ingenico.com

website http://www.ingenico.de/epayments


ePayments - monitoring & recording of customer care calls

  • General Information

    1_1. You

    If you are a merchant who has concluded a contract with us, our Customer Care team is at your disposal to provide you the agreed support. If you purchase online, please address your query to your merchant.

    1_2. Our core message

    Ingenico constantly desires to improve its services.

    • For quality control purposes, Ingenico may monitor and record the calls made to our Customer Care team.
    • For evidence purposes, Ingenico may record the calls made to our Customer Care team.  Ingenico’s authorized persons may listen to the calls live or on the basis of a record.  If you do not desire the call to be monitored and/or recorded, please select option 9.

    1_3. Our identity as a data controller

    We are the company with whom you contracted, namely Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions BVBA/SPRL, B.V., SAS, GmbH or Ltd or Ingenico Financial Solutions NV/SA. The full details of each of these companies are listed here. Calls to Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions Inc. (USA) and E-Billing Solutions Pvt Ltd. (India) are neither monitored nor recorded.

    We act as a data controller. This means that we determine the purposes and the means of the processing of personal data. Personal data is any data whereby an individual can be identified, whether directly or indirectly.

  • Our policy relating to Customer Care team monitoring and recording

    2_1. Identity of recipients of data

    We entrust some of the monitoring and recording of the call to some of following companies of our group, provided they are located in the European Union. Ingenico e-Commerce BVBA/SPRL is the main company in charge. When we entrust some of the monitoring and recording of the call to other parties, they are listed here:

    Company Address
    The House of Contact Centers THoCC bvba, Veemarkt 5 2800 Mechelen, Belgium


    2_2. People who may have access to the call

    Besides the operator participating to the call, authorized persons may have access to the call and the record of the call provided the conditions explained in this policy are fulfilled.

    The essential conditions are:

    • no objection expressed by caller
    • storage period not exceeded
    • to have access to the call: only for purpose of quality control of services
    • to have access to the record of the call:  only for purpose of quality control of services or for evidence purposes

    2_3. Who are the authorized persons who may have access to the calls and to the records of the calls?

    Whether they are employed by us or by the recipients mentioned above:

    • the immediate supervisors and coaches of the operators
    • the operations quality leader
    • the administrator of the call recording tool
    • the persons responsible for the maintenance and/or issue solving of the call center IT applications within the following companies of our group, provided they are located in the European Union.
    • the employees in charge of security, legal, human resources or audit matters
    • the supervisors (whether or not immediate supervisors) of all the above
    • the backup people of all the above
    • by extension, the law firms (whether ours, those of the recipients or the law firms of Ingenico Group S.A.S.)

    2_4. Purpose and legal basis

    2_4_1. We act in compliance with:
    • Art. 128 of the Belgian Law of 13 June 2005 on electronic communications.
    • As from 25 May 2018: REGULATION (EU) 2016/679 OF THE EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT AND OF THE COUNCIL of 27 April 2016 on the protection of natural persons with regard to the processing of personal data and on the free movement of such data, and repealing Directive 95/46/EC (General Data Protection Regulation), in particular its articles 6 and 13*.
    • Prior to 25 May 2018: Law of the data controller implementing Directive 95/46/EC*, which is at the time of issuing this document for Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions BVBA/SPRL and for Ingenico Financial Solutions NV/SA the Act of 8 December 1992 on privacy protection in relation to the processing of personal data, in particular its article 9.

    *Exception: In case Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions GmbH (Switzerland) is data controller: Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection of 19 June 1992.

    2_4_2. We monitor and record the calls to our help desk for quality control purposes:

    The authorized persons may listen to operators, which is necessary to check the quality of the services provided by our Customer Care team. Checking the quality of the services provided by our Customer Care team is a legitimate interest pursued by us.

    2_4_3. We also record the call for evidence purposes:

    In case we find a call to be suspicious in terms of fraud or in case a call becomes litigious, we keep the record of the call as long as necessary for legal proceedings. The use of the record in legal proceedings is a legitimate interest pursued by us. We never keep the call after a transaction can no longer be lawfully challenged.

    2_4_4. We do not use the personal data for marketing purposes. We only use them for quality control purposes and for evidence purposes.

    2_5. Opt-out

    As a caller, you are entitled to refuse the call to be monitored and/or recorded. If this is the case, please select option 9. At any time you may withdraw your consent to be monitored and/or recorded by mentioning this to our operator.

    2_6. Duration of storage

    We store the call record for a period of one month for both quality control purposes and evidence purposes. This period may be extended manually for evidence purposes for as long as needed for legal proceedings.  This period may not be extended for quality control purposes.

    2_7. Rights as a participant to the call*

    *This applies to all participants to the call: the callers as well as the operators.

    All participants to the call have the right to request from us:

    • access to their personal data (a copy of the audio information)
    • rectification of their personal data
    • or even erasure of their personal data. 

    They also have the right to:

    • request from us to restrict the processing relating to them
    • or even to object to the processing relating to them. 

    They may lodge a complaint at any time with their local authority in charge of supervising the processing of personal data.

    Finally, to the extent applicable, they have the right to portability of their personal data.

    We will reply to the participants’ requests or objections in compliance with applicable law.

    2_8. Contact details of the data protection officer

    Data Protection Officer
    Ingenico e-Commerce Solutions BVBA/SPRL
    Woluwedal/Boulevard de la Woluwe 102
    B-1200  Brussel/Bruxelles


  • Prior information by the merchant to their staff

    Given that we do not usually interact with the merchant's staff prior to their first call, our General Conditions mention the obligation for the merchant to communicate to their staff that they may find the required legal information on the fact that we monitor and record their calls to our Customer Care team by clicking on the internet link to these pages.

  • Information communicated over the phone

    When people contact our Customer Care team, they hear the following recorded message in the chosen language:
    "This call may be monitored and recorded for quality assurance and evidence purposes. If you do not desire the call to be monitored and/or recorded, please select option 9"

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