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Screen Commerce / Engaging consumers everywhere

Connected objects – also known as the Internet of Things – have followed an exponential growth worldwide to reach 8.38bn in 2017, according to Gartner. This has multiplied touch points and potential interactions between consumers and merchants.

Integrating payment into IoT has been a focus of Ingenico Labs, our agile innovation unit, since its inception. The Labs later joined forces with Think&Go, a start-up expert in NFC interaction, to design the connected screen, a new payment acceptance solution creating a ubiquitous shopping experience and a new sales channel. This made Ingenico the first company to provide a concrete integration of payment acceptance into IoT.

Commerce everywhere

The retail industry has long been undergoing colossal change as consumers radically shift their consumption habits, relying ever more on the convenience of online shopping platforms and the ubiquity of connected devices. Taking the digitalization of the consumer experience far beyond the boundaries of the internet and notably to bricks and mortar retail, commerce has evolved with a host of innovations and is now everywhere.

Connected screens and their various use cases – such as pop-up stores, brick-and-click, click-and-collect, click-and-delivery or drive-to-store – are part of this trend. They form a new sales channel, screen commerce, which allows to monetize advertising space by converting it into purchasing space. Possible uses comprise sales of physical and non-physical goods or services and charity fundraising.

Benefits for merchants and operators

Connected screens enhance customer engagement and increase sales in environments such as shopping malls, airports, train and underground stations or bus stops. Converting public DOOH into points of sales, they prompt impulse buying.

In some omnichannel use cases such as the wall of surprises, a multi-merchant loyalty screen, they increase footfall in-store and conversion rate. They also enable games on retail premises without dedicated staff.

Connected screens significantly enhance understanding and knowledge of consumer behaviour through a truly digital interaction in physical stores.

Consumer benefits

Straightforward and secure

  • Connected screens offer a natural and secure purchasing experience.
  • They can interact with all NFC devices for couponing or payment purposes.
  • Natively integrating omnichannel services, they meet consumers’ new expectation of everywhere commerce.

Digitalizing points of sale

Connected screens come in various form factors: DOOH, connected wall, in-vehicle 15-inch screen, connected kiosk or connected shop window. They feature multi-reader and multi-merchant capabilities. They offer the most comprehensive way to digitalize physical shops and provide a rich phygital consumer experience.

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