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Payment of dividend in shares

Ingenico Group, the global leader in seamless payment, reported that the shareholders who opted for the payment of the dividend in shares for the fiscal year 2016 represent 58.6 % of the shares entitled to dividends.

Number and class of shares issued and purpose of the transaction
731,856 ordinary Ingenico Group shares were issued and subscribed by the shareholders of Ingenico Group S.A. (the "Company") who opted to receive payment of the dividend for the 2016 financial year in shares, according to the options proposed at the Annual General Shareholders Meeting of 10 May 2017.

Percentage of the capital represented by the number of shares issued
The Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of the Company, Philippe Lazare, by decision dated 12 June 2017 as authorized by the Board of Directors meeting of 10 May 2017, recorded an increase in the Company’s share capital through the issuance of 731,856 shares in payment of the stock dividend for which an identical number of new shares were created.

These shares were issued as part of the stock dividend payment representing 1,17% of the share capital of the Company as of 12 June 2017 (i.e., €62,225,097 divided into 62,225,097 shares at par value of €1 each).

Allotment date and admission for trading on Euronext Paris
A notice from Euronext relating to the admission of these shares was published on 8 June 2017.
These shares were delivered to the financial intermediaries and admitted for trading on Euronext Paris today.

Description of the rights attached to the shares and procedures for exercising these rights
The effective date of the new share issue is 1st January 2017.
These shares are immediately ranked similar to existing shares.

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