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SPIE is improving its electric vehicle charging services in partnership with Ingenico

Ingenico Group, the global leader in seamless payment, is assisting SPIE, Europe’s independent leader in multi-technique services in the fields of energy and communications. Thanks to Ingenico’s payment and identification solution, SPIE offers a complete charging service to users of electric vehicles.

A pioneer in offering Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure (EVCI) and a leader on the French market, SPIE already has 9,800 charging stations installed or being installed in France. To complete its range of services, from terminal location to access management and contactless payment for the service, SPIE has teamed up with several partners, including Ingenico.

The Ingenico payment solution, already installed on nearly 1,200 recharging terminals, allows SPIE customers to pay with their preferred contactless bank card, smartphone, or subscription card. Users can also subscribe to the service from a dedicated Web portal.

The token is at the core of the solution. This non-sensitive data referring to the payment card, provides SPIE with a simple way to identify its customers. Between two successive taps of a same card, the solution frees up the charging station, starts charging the vehicle, releases the vehicle, calculates the amount to be billed, and processes payment. Perfectly integrated into SPIE’s complete solution, Ingenico’s payment service is already active in Morbihan and will soon be deployed in several departments of the Bourgogne Franche-Comté region.

The selected solution thus enables SPIE to:

  • accept contactless payment securely for the user,
  • centralize payment transactions and have a unified back office,
  • reduce the processing costs involved in refunds (no postal costs, transfers, etc.),
  • identify users’ cards quickly and securely to allow them to charge their vehicle and pay.

This partnership illustrates our vision of the service to be provided to users of electric vehicles. It allows for unlimited accessibility of charging stations through easy-to-use, secure means available to everyone: contactless bank card and smartphone’, commented Bruno Vaslin, Head of Development of Electric Mobility Solutions – SPIE CityNetworks. 

This partnership illustrates our ability to offer innovative payment solutions to new market segments and allow service operators to incorporate payment smoothly into their brand promises and their omnichannel customer experience’, commented Guillaume Pascal, Managing Director of Ingenico France

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