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Chip And Pin Goes Undercover

Criminally motivated bystanders who 'shoulder surf' in an attempt to see a person keying their Chip and PIN number are about to get the shrug off with the introduction of 'ViewSafe' by Ingenico UK and Secure Access Solutions.

Taking the form of a magnifying case which encompasses a Chip and PIN terminal, ‘ViewSafe’ distorts the view available from any other angle by a casual observer, CCTV and hidden cameras, thus frustrating would-be surfers and more sophisticated fraudsters.

‘ViewSafe’ was developed by Secure Access Solutions (SAS), a University of Warwick spin-out company, which has now reached an agreement with Ingenico that will see the device being introduced worldwide.

A world leader in secure payment transaction solutions, Ingenico has led the introduction of Chip and PIN in the UK and has a close to 50% market share.

Thanks to Chip and PIN, in 2005 there was a reduction of nearly £60m in counterfeit and lost and stolen card fraud (a drop of 24%) compared to 2004.

Clive Barber of Boots Operations said:

Boots is constantly looking for ways to improve customer accessibility and security which is why we are interested in helping to trial this device. In addition to the security benefits we believe this device could also be of great benefit to our partially sighted customers, improving their experience of shopping with Chip and PIN.”

Nick Parsons, Managing Director, Ingenico Northern Europe, said:

More than 150 Chip and PIN transactions now take place every second and that is why we are committed to exploring options for how security can be further enhanced to give users even greater peace of mind.

“ViewSafe is a breakthrough solution that cuts off yet another avenue to fraudsters. In the coming months Ingenico will be working closely with SAS to drive the introduction of the device and tailor it for different payment environments.”

Neil Radford, SAS’s founder, added:

The enhanced view is of great value to any user standing directly in front of the key pad because ViewSafe delivers an extra layer of security and improved accessibility in one simple easy to use device. We are delighted that three years of careful and detailed research and product development has now come to fruition and is being very positively received.

“We look forward to working with Ingenico to ensure as many people as possible experience the benefits of ‘ViewSafe’.”

SAS is also continuing its working relationship with the Royal National Institute of the Blind (RNIB) on commissioning a number of further trials.

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