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Now we go live: Ingenico healthcare card terminal is approved for the German telematics infrastructure

  • Ingenico’s e-Health terminal ‘ORGA 6141 online’ is approved for the online operation phase of the telematics infrastructure (TI).
  • Ingenico Healthcare makes an important contribution to the networking of the German healthcare system.

As of today, about 200,000 doctor’s practices, hospitals and medical care centres can be supplied with approved e-Health card terminals for the online productive operation, the go-live phase of this project. This is an important milestone for the interconnection of all members within the future online TI in Germany. Ingenico’s healthcare terminal ‘ORGA 6141 online’ has been approved by Gematik (the German organization in charge of eGK electronic healthcare cards). This makes Ingenico the first approved supplier of eGK card terminals.

We have already been testing our terminal “ORGA 6141 online” with its VSDM (patient data management) application since November 2016 in north-west Germany,’ said Oliver Neufuß, MD of Ingenico Healthcare GmbH. ‘Receiving approval for the last phase of the TI project confirms that our future-proof terminal complies with the latest security and industry standards. We are confident that this will be a major contribution to the implementation of the telematics infrastructure in Germany, for the benefit of all those covered by health insurance.’

In the future, this online telematics infrastructure together with the electronic health card will ensure data transfers between all participants within the online TI. During this data transfer, the health card terminal plays an important role. It is directly linked to a connector which ensures the secure connection to the telematics infrastructure and therefore to all e-Health applications of the eGK healthcare card ecosystem. The initial application will use the ‘ORGA 6141 online’ to read the patients’ data stored on the eGK healthcare card and to update them after a successful online comparison. Other applications such as an electronic medication chart are included in the e-Health legislation and are currently in preparation.

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