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Fiscal Offer

Ingenico’s fiscal solution keeps an indelible trace of every transaction made by cards or in cash in its fiscal memory and its electronic fiscal journal. It combines a payment terminal and a printer, and can be linked to a cash drawer.

It comes in two models: a countertop, the iDE280, and a handheld device, the iW280, to meet all merchants’ needs in-store or in the field.

iWE280Combine cash and card payments with fiscal registration in a handheld device

Ingenico’s iWE280 is a compact, handheld fiscal terminal, which blends multi-payment acceptance and tax registration to meet fiscal regulation in-store. This complete solution includes a scanner, a printer and a cash register as well as cash drawer control and fiscal memory functionalities. Strictly compliant with legal requirements, the iWE280 is an advanced terminal and fully featured business solution in a compact form factor.

iDE280Combine cash and card payments with fiscal registration at the counter

Ingenico’s iDE280 is a countertop fiscal terminal. It blends multi-payment acceptance and tax registration in a compact form factor to meet fiscal regulation at the counter.

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