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Putting the SPARKLE back into GIFTING

PANDORA is making the move from paper to electronic gift cards

International jewellery retailer PANDORA is making the move from paper to electronic gift cards in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands in order to remain agile in the era of digitization, simplify operations and adapt to new customer requirements.


Switch from paper-based gift cards to electronic to achieve less fraud and simpler management

  • New gift cards rolled out in over 200 Northern European PANDORA stores
  • First introduction of the international gift card program in November 2016, in over 200 owned and operated branches in Northern Europe:

  • Plastic gift card program rolled out in Northern Europe
  • Completely integrated with Ingenico POS solution

Sales staff manages gift card sales and refund through the cash register system. It is simple: they take the plastic card, swipe it to charge it up with the desired amount, then activate it in the till and Ingenico system at the same time when the payment is taken from the customer.


From paper to digital for fraud reduction
PANDORA’s old gift card system was paper-based, so they were easily duplicated. To fully integrate gift cards with their cash register system, PANDORA wanted to roll out an electronic system based on plastic cards, which would be impossible to defraud.

Compliance with local regulations
A key challenge would be getting approval from the BaFin – the financial regulatory authority for Germany. Its role is to ensure the integrity and stability of the German financial system, making sure for example that a parallel currency is not created under the disguise of a loyalty card system.

Kate Walsh, PANDORA Managing Director Northern Europe

We chose Ingenico as a partner - on the one hand because of its international orientation and on the other because of its combined competence in payment services, multifunctional technology development and loyalty."

Jochen Freese, Ingenico Marketing Solutions Managing Director

PANDORA is a particularly good example of our one-stop-shop approach by which we can offer retailers any payment solution from a single source."


Increasing customer spend
Research has proven that customers are more likely to visit PANDORA stores when they have gift cards, because it is more appealing to them. Moreover, because the value of gift cards is perceived differently, they are likely to spend more than the value of the card, leading to better margins, and a higher average transaction value.

The perfect partnership
With a local partner based in Hamburg, PANDORA experienced the benefits of being able to connect in the same language with Ingenico staff: personal, efficient support, and faster progress thanks to local knowledge. This was also a critical advantage in getting BAFN approval from the German authorities.

Simplicity: a one stop shop
Administrators are pleased with the simple system: 

  • easy to integrate,
  • management and reconciliation simplification,
  • cost-efficient and eco-friendly than printing and distributing paper vouchers.

Towards digitalization and internationalization
PANDORA is excited to explore future possibilities: different colours and messages on the card to be more appealing to customers: “thank you”, “happy birthday”...

The company also wants to integrate loyalty card in its digitalization strategy. With e-commerce becoming more important as a sales channel, the webshop integration, including the introduction of a virtual gift card, is a further development step.