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AVA explored all the options and finally switched to Ingenico Full Service in September 2019. The transition went very smoothly and their payment systems were up and running in no time.

The challenge

Give a growing online store an extra boost

AVA has a strong presence in Belgium and Luxembourg. With 51 branches, representing a good 45,000 m2 of shop floor space, it has near-total coverage. What began as a charming little paper shop has grown into a specialist store for celebrations for every occasion and much more. All the same, copy paper is still one of its best-selling products today.

Professionals from the catering industry and business community also come to AVA for their tableware, napkins and placemats. Incidentally, these are produced in house at AVA’s head office in Temse. Some of these goods are intended for the international market.

The final step was going online. Now the online store is completely up to speed, offering the full AVA range of around 15,000 different products. The site is a huge success and the number of online purchases is continuing to grow. There was no time to waste in upgrading the payment systems. AVA went looking for an all-in-one package, which their previous contract did not offer.

Chris Elsen - CFO AVA

Especially because the online store was growing so fast, there was an increasing need for a different approach. We want to give our online store an extra marketingdriven boost.

Switching to Ingenico

In an instant AVA explored all the options and finally switched to Ingenico Full Service in September 2019. The transition went very smoothly, as could be, and the payment systems were back up and running in no time.

I honestly have to admit I was worried that our systems would go down for a while and that making payments would be impossible for some time. Everyone was on standby, but that turned out to be completely unnecessary. The transition was complete in an instant, and everything just kept going as usual. Our customers didn’t notice a thing.

Hours saved

Thanks to support with refunds

The benefits of Ingenico Full Service have made life at AVA considerably easier. To begin with, there is only one contract needed now, and it is not necessary to negotiate with all the acquirers.

Another major advantage is that Ingenico collects all the payments from the 14 essential payment methods itself and transfers them daily to AVA in a single transaction. That includes a simple reconciliation report and the support required for refunds.
The latter was the deciding element for AVA.

Customer refunds are almost automatic now. Clearly these are only a small percentage of all transactions, but that process was a real sticking point in our previous contract. Since we didn’t have access to our customers’ payment details, there was often a lot of emailing back and forth. That cost us several working hours a week.

Now we can deal with a refund in a few seconds. That is serious progress that saves our employees a lot of time. We see our online store going from strength to strength, so we will be reaping the benefits of Ingenico Full Service even more in the future.