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The PSD2 mandate timeline

The second Payment Payments Services Directive (PSD2) is continuing to revolutionise digital transactions – creating safer, frictionless and mobile-optimised experiences for customers and merchants.  

By partnering with Ingenico, merchants can turn regulatory compliance into an opportunity to innovate, and better control the data that drives business every day.


Ingenico's authentication solution

Ingenico supports merchants with implementing PSD2-compliant customer authentication solutions:


1. Implement 3-D Secure

Ingenico’s 3-D Secure solution helps to manage exemption requests.

2. Receive tailored support

Ingenico works directly with card schemes, and can offer specialised, individual guidance.

3. Improve performance

Merchants will be required to share more transaction data – Ingenico can advise on how this can be used to improve approval rates.

Ingenico SCA Accelerator Suite

A product suite designed to speed up compliance while improving your overall performance.

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Get started with 3D Secure and version 2.1

3-D Secure v2 specification supports app-based authentication for all kinds of transactions. It delivers industry-leading levels of security and performance, with a seamless user experience. This allows a frictionless flow during the checkout process – with fraud rates reduced by up to 50 percent. It’s also verified by Visa, Mastercard, American Express and many more banks and vendors. Ingenico can help you put this in place.

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Take the next step with 3D v2.2

With PSD2, most payment companies talk about what is ‘required’ and a need to ‘comply’. This year, however, merchants have an extraordinary opportunity to use PSD2 to better control the data that drives their businesses. This means they can test new authentication processes that will enable them to cut their fraud risk, while continuing to improve the customer’s shopping experience. 

In this paper, we’ll outline these opportunities, and tell you how you can get ready to implement and succeed with strong customer authentication, which all payment card issuers will introduce by the end of 2020.

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PSD2 SCA requirements and recommendations

Frictionless authentication through 3DS 2.2 largely shifts fraud liability away from merchants, with improved customer experience. Plus, it presents a fantastic opportunity for businesses to capture and communicate customer information, which can be used to evolve business models.

Download the guide and learn about PSD2 SCA requirements and our recommendations.

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From Regulation to Opportunity with Ingenico

Ingenico ePayments prides itself on being confirmed PSD2 compliant since 29 May 2018. Unlock new potential for your payments by contacting our experts today.

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