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A secure and compliant payment system drives conversion. That’s why we ensure our payment system provides a secure environment for your customers and protects your business.

Customer data protection legislation is complex and constantly evolving, and it’s vital that your business understands and meets these requirements. At Ingenico, our experts take this complexity out of your hands – we provide a payment system that is fully compliant with worldwide legislation and our consultancy ensures your business responds and is not restricted by changes in the world of online payment security and data protection.

Ingenico ePayments complies with the following legislation:

Payment Services Directive (PSD2)

The Revised Payments Services Directive (PSD2) is European Union legislation designed to create a more transparent, efficient and secure payments services market in the EU. It is driving changes that include the introduction of Third Party Payment Providers, changes in surcharging requirements and an increase in customer protection (also known as strong customer authentication). Ingenico’s technology and platforms meet all of the PSD2 compliance requirements. More importantly though, our expert teams understand the implications of this new legislation for our merchants and can you help navigate this new payments landscape.

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General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

We take privacy seriously. As such, Ingenico is fully aligned with the principles of the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This regulation creates a new standard for how personal data is handled by companies who are based in the EU, or target EU customers. Merchants can rest assured that our technology, platforms and processes take this regulation into account. Our teams can also help merchants gain additional insight into the implications of GDPR compliance in eCommerce and what impacts it may have on their payment data.

4th Anti Money Laundering Directive

Ingenico ePayments continually strives to adhere to the highest global standards on Anti Money Laundering and Combatting Terrorism Financing. One of our main goals has been compliance with the 4th Anti Money Laundering Directive (EU) 2015/849. Here, our main focus has been on strengthening the risk framework, upgrading monitoring on high risk third countries and enhancing the UBO screening. We are also currently preparing for the 5th Anti Money Laundering Directive (EU) 2018/843 which focusses on virtual currencies and additional requirements with regard to high risk third countries.

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Our dedicated security team takes an integrated approach to security, which includes technical, regulatory, human and environmental factors. This allows us to take a view of security that is both broad and continuously responsive to the evolving threat landscape.

When you partner with Ingenico for your ePayments solution, you benefit from a multi-layered security defense, alongside continuous testing, including vulnerability scanning and penetration testing. Our information security framework includes PCI compliance at its core. We also follow ISO 27001 and integrate additional guidance from the Dutch Central Bank (our regulator).

We promote and build a culture of security through regular training, communications and information sharing. This allows us to continuously evolve and strengthen our security position, as well as mitigating non-technical security threats such as phishing.

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