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Payment Solutions to Grow Your Business

Overcome the global barriers to conversion which restrict growth and offer your customers the quicker, safer and more convenient payment experience they expect.

Critical Components of Conversion Optimization

Take your customers on a frictionless journey from selecting pay, to receiving a payment confirmation whatever their preferred device, payment method or currency.

Though these steps are consistent across all online transactions, the demands of customers in your existing or target markets around the world vary significantly. With Ingenico ePayments, you can easily adapt to new market requirements across each step of payment conversion.

To get in-depth insights on how to boost your conversion rate throughout the payment funnel, read our conversion optimization guide. 

Optimized User Experience

Build trust with your global audience, by offering a checkout that is a seamless extension to their shopping experience. Our platform makes merchant site integration effortless. A responsive design is provided which can be customized to suit your site and your customer needs.

  • Offer over 150 payment methods used worldwide
  • Tailor your payment mix to each market
  • Optimized, responsive layout across all devices
  • Customize the look and feel to match your branding
  • Over 50 built in languages with intuitive translation
  • Ongoing development and adaptation to suit new markets, with A/B testing capabilities controlled by you
  • Customize your subdomain to include your brand name

Find out more about UX optimization in our Developer Hub.

Intelligent Fraud Systems

It's a reality that cross-border payments increase the risk of fraud. But ineffective fraud management erodes the revenue benefit of global expansion, reducing the number of true conversions and negatively impacting your bottom line. Ingenico ePayments' intelligent fraud management ensures our merchants identify an appropriate risk level and authorise as many transactions as possible while keeping your chargebacks to a minimum.

We combine AI and human monitoring to gather insight and monitor behavioural patterns. With device fingerprinting, rules management and flexible 3D secure technology, combined with 1-2-1 contact with your dedicated fraud team and our cross-merchant intelligence, we maintain a tough stance on fraud, whilst maintaining a fast and simple payment experience for your true customers.

Find out more about how we Manage Risk for your business.

Increase Authorization Rates

Credit cards remain the favoured online payment method around the globe (see our where we operate page for more details). For international credit card payments to be authorised, this relies on your payment system, acquiring bank and card issuer to communicate efficiently - any break in this chain prevents authorisation and leads to a lower conversion rate.

Ingenico's full service model mean we perform all transaction processing, reporting and fund transfer for you. We partner with local and international acquiring banks to increase levels of authorization and limit credit card declines. These relationships provide insight into global legislation and changes which impact you and your customers, so that we can advise and make necessary changes to your ePayments system.

Your dedicated payment performance analysis team will monitor your authorization rates, including benchmarking against your industry, and country by country analysis. Learn more about how our experts work with you.

Manage Multiple Currencies

For over 20 years, Ingenico has offered over 150 payment methods in multiple currencies. Cross border payments become more efficient, which provides you with the opportunity to enter more global markets.

Prevent disruption in your global customers' buying journey and increase payment conversions, by accepting payment in their local currency. With Ingenico ePayments' multi-currency management and dynamic currency management, your business benefits from an increased conversion rate (as customers feel more confident in buying in local, familiar currency) and authorization rate (authorization requests in alike currencies are more likely to be successful). All while reducing refunds and chargebacks, as customers pay at a price they understand and expect.

Plus, benefit from additional FX revenues as our multi-currency pricing gives you the flexibility to adjust prices for competitiveness, to meet local socio-economic factors and maintain brand value.

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