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Let our global business knowledge, global reach, technology and multi-currency management drive your eCommerce business' growth through the power of ePayments.

With Ingenico ePayments' global coverage, you can implement a payment system that meets the demands of your diverse consumer base worldwide - wherever and however they want to buy.

We operate in all regions around the world, with offices housing local specialists who can provide you with insight into your current and future global markets. Learn about the latest global trends and developments from our Four Corners of Global Payments report. Alternatively, read below some examples of the insight we provide, that can shape your global payments strategy.

North America: Rise of eWallets

  • Growing adoption of mobile eWallets by younger consumers - 35% of millennials now use their mobile phone to make payments in store and online. Ingenico ePayments system supports this payment method.
  • Cards remain the favored payment method - 49% of North America's consumers prefer to use credit cards to make payments, while 35% use debit cards.
  • Success relies on security - Research indicates that American consumers favor security over other benefits, with 74% of consumers favoring a payment method with greater security. This is another driver of mobile growth, with the ability to stop transaction, and turn cards on and off.
  • eCommerce is king - 37.4% of US shoppers shop less often in store due to the vast array of products, cheaper shipping and convenience of online. 9.4% higher than the global average.

Find out more about our North American Payment Offering.

Latin America: eCommerce Growth

  • A growing eCommerce and mCommerce market - expected to grow by a CAGR of 19% by 2020. Presents great potential due to growing internet penetration and mobile use - mobile users expected to grow by 35% over the next year.
  • Credit cards driving growth - they remain the most used payment method both on and offline. Mastercard, Visa, Amex and Union Pay are the popular choices.
  • Mobiles are favored as a shopping platform - 55% of respondents in a recent survey said that mobile was the most important tool for shopping. More than any other region.
  • Consisting of 20 diverse nations - opportunity and expectation varies from country to country. Consumers purchase products using bank transfer, cards and local voucher systems - Brazil's Boleto for example. Therefore, your ePayment system must be integrated with these local payment services in order to compete.

Find out more about our Latin American Payment Offering.

Asia Pacific: Cashless Powerhouses

  • Largest share of global payments revenue - 45%, with China predicted to see the largest growth of non-cash transactions in the region between 2016 and 2020.
  • Opportunities in rural areas - merchants are yet to fully tap into consumer spending in rural Asia. Mobile payments occur mainly in the large cities, despite growth in smartphone ownership regionwide.
  • Cash reduction initiatives driving growth in non-cash payments - whilst China's growth is driven largely by technological curiosity, India and South Korea is a result of aggressive cash reduction initiatives by the respective governments.
  • Local marketplaces thriving - across Asia, by offering familiarity and rewarding customer loyalty, local marketplaces are standing up to global brands, unable to meet the diverse demands of consumers across such a large region. Our ePayments system enables you to offer locally favored payment methods.

Find out more about our APAC Payment Offering.

Europe: Digital Payment Methods

  • Cash payment rates are falling - from 52% to 42% in 2017. In Sweden cash transactions accounted for just 20% of all transactions.
  • The UK is the biggest European eCommerce market - but many countries in Northern and Western Europe are catching up.
  • Digitization of payments is growing - in 2017, 42% of Europeans made a larger share of their purchases online, up by 6% from 2016.
  • Diverse, local payment methods - such a large region presents a wide variety of payment methods, from UK direct debit to Nordea in the Nordics, Giropay in Germany and Yandex in Russia. With Ingenico ePayments you can offer localized currency options and payment methods for each area.

Find out more about our European Payment Offering.

With a local acquiring strategy, partnerships and over 150 payment methods and currencies supported by our worldwide payment system, Ingenico ePayments accelerates your business' growth through increased levels of conversion and authorization, while your customers receive a locally relevant, optimized payment experience.

Grow with Ingenico ePayments: offer the payment methods and currency mix that your global eCommerce customers expect.

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