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Deliver an Optimized Checkout

With Ingenico ePayments, you can offer your customers a payment experience that is a seamless, optimized extension of your mobile website or application using our mobile interface solutions. Helping you to convert more browsers to buyers.

Mobile-First Design

User experience is at the forefront of the ePayments interfaces. Your customers are presented with fully responsive payment pages.

  • Payment pages automatically adapt to any screen size, with payment journeys optimized for touch screen.
  • Scroll free payment process for mobile users: shopping cart contents, total to pay and entry into payment gateway are clearly displayed.
  • Fields optimized for mobile keyboard e.g. automatically switch to numbers, hyphens added to sort code fields.
  • Extensive testing conducted across all types of device and operating systems.

MyCheckout: We Host, You Control

Our merchants can save expense and increase speed to market with hosted checkout pages designed and hosted by Ingenico - MyCheckout. These pages are configured for easy integration with your mobile website or app and deliver the following benefits:

  • Optimized UX: A fully responsive checkout page across mobile, tablet or desktop machines. Fast and seamless re-direct to checkout from the merchant site delivers a seamless and consistent buying journey.
  • We host, but you're in control: You can edit the look and feel of your MyCheckout pages, adding logos, colours, layout and most significantly, add your brand name to the URL. You and your solutions consultants have access to detailed analytics to make changes and further optimize your checkout pages.
  • Offer locally favoured payment options and currencies: Accept mobile payment via 150+ global payment methods and local currencies with checkout pages translated into over 50 languages/locales. MyCheckout is highly secure and compliant with credit card processing and storage laws, making one-click payment possible.
  • Flexible Options for Integration: You are not restricted to the use of hosted MyCheckout pages. Ingenico ePayments tools and services can integrate with merchant-built checkout pages or applications.

Faster Mobile Payments

  • Load times are minimized, with simple, easy to read content optimized for slower data speeds.
  • Your customers will receive faster payment received confirmation.
  • We ensure payment errors are flagged quickly so that customer can take necessary action.

Offer More Mobile Payment Options

As well as our mobile interface solutions to increase mobile conversions, you can offer your customers the opportunity to pay via device specific payment methods e.g. Apple Pay or mobile wallets.

With Ingenico ePayments' secure encryption, you can offer one-click payments and other payment options online across any device, with an optimized look and feel.

Drive More Conversions with a Mobile Payment Service Powered by Ingenico

Create the best possible checkout experience for your customers, on whatever device they choose to shop with. Increase mobile payment conversion using our tested, fully responsive and optimized mobile payment service.

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