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Understand Payment Performance

Unlock the power of your payments, by understanding your payment performance. Truly understanding requires more than knowing the number of transactions via your site or level of checkout abandonment. To be able to take action and make decisions that grow your business, you need to know what is driving this performance.

Data-driven payment decisions are where Ingenico adds value to your business. Our reporting, analytics and consultancy increase your ROI and ensure you make the right decisions, faster.

Ingenico Elevate: Intelligent Solution

With meaningful payments data analytics, you are able to provide the best possible payment experience to your customers and increase your conversion rate. But extracting actionable insights out of raw payment data can be a time consuming and difficult process. Not with Ingenico Elevate.

Elevate is a Business Intelligence solution for payments and chargebacks, specifically built for international eCommerce companies.

  • Get a 360° payment performance though easy-to-use interactive dashboards
  • Easily access key performance metrics such as authorization rates, chargeback rates, rejection reasons and more
  • Benchmark your performance against competitors in your industry
  • Leverage the data of over a billion transactions to reveal your opportunities
  • Interpret data via more than 40 customisable dashboards

Find out more about Elevate in our Developer Hub.

Optimized Payment Process

A payment system that provides an optimized payment experience for your customers is less valuable if it leads to increased complexity for your finance team. No matter which global payment methods and currency options you sell via, Ingenico provides a transparent payment reconciliation process. A single report and remittance in a format that is tailored to your systems and processes.

Ingenico provides data through:

  • Scheduled reports (XML, CSV, PDF)
  • Real-time API calls (webhooks)
  • Online reporting tool

Scheduled Reports

On a daily basis, you will receive detailed information about your transactions, collections and remittances through our Operational and Financial Reports. These files are available in multiple formats (such as XML, CSV, ASCII and PDF).

The reports can be manually downloaded from our online payment console or automatically picked up from an SFTP directory.


Webhooks notifies you in real-time about events that occur at the point of checkout, such as status changes on payments. You can select which type of events you want to be notified about and where we should send them to. This provides insight to events even after the consumer is no longer on your site.

For more information about Webhooks, visit our Developer Hub.

Online Payment Console

The online payment console (WPC) is a near real-time reporting application where you can find any transaction, its current status, its history and all other details.

Within the online payment console, you can download the various reports as well as creating your own queries, giving you complete control over your payment performance tracking.

Future Strategy Shaped Through Reporting and Consultancy

We combine user-friendly custom reporting with dedicated consultancy. Your team of payment performance analysts are on hand to support you in interpreting your data and turning insights into appropriate action. Find out more about how we work with you.

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