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Relations analystes sectoriels

Le programme « Relations analystes sectoriels » d’Ingenico Group donne l’opportunité aux analystes sectoriels d’obtenir des informations sur la stratégie, le positionnement et l’offre du Groupe sur le marché du paiement. Notre équipe répond aux demandes d’information des analystes sectoriels et organise régulièrement des entretiens avec des membres de la direction d'Ingenico Group.

Pour nous contacter, envoyez-nous votre demande à : tradeanalysts@ingenico.com 

Les extraits ci-dessous proviennent de rapports publiés par les principaux cabinets d'analystes sur Ingenico Group. 

Ingenico Group a acquis les droits d’auteur et de publication nécessaires pour les mettre à disposition du public sur ce site. Tous ces rapports sont pilotés et financés de façon indépendante par les cabinets d'analystes.

ABI research:  ROAM/Ingenico Group ranks first in mPOS devices market 

Ingenico Group is positioned as the leader in the mPOS devices market by ABI research. According to ABI research, “its global reach and penetration is second to none, able to leverage Ingenico Group’s current position as the leading traditional POS vendor. Its product portfolio is broad, covering all card payment types and giving it a unique position to enable mPOS services in payment markets worldwide.”

ABI research assessed each supplier based on two main criteria: 

  • Implementation: global reach, breadth of products and services offered, PCI DSS Compliance, market share and pricing strategy
  • Innovation: contactless, VAS, platform acceptance, chip&pin and connectivity 



©2014 ABI Research. Distributed with permission of ABI Research. mPOS Device Competitive Assessment: published 2Q14*


ABI Research: Ingenico Group tops point of sale card terminals market 

Ingenico Group is positioned as the leader in the POS devices market by ABI research. According to ABI research “Ingenico Group can provide a true turnkey POS solution with its own gateways, payment management tools, and software platforms to provide a one-stop shop for easy merchant integration and continual management.”

ABI research assessed each supplier based on two main criteria:  

  • Implementation: global reach, influence, market share, breadth of products and services offered, partnership
  • Innovation: contactless, VAS, alternative secure payments, connectivity and security 




©2014 ABI Research. Distributed with permission of ABI Research. Point of Sale Card Terminals Competitive Assessment: published 2Q14*

*Disclaimer: Permission granted to reference, reprint or reissue ABI products is expressly not an endorsement of any kind for any company, product, or strategy. ABI Research is an independent producer of market analysis and insight and this ABI Research product is the result of objective research by ABI Research staff at the time of data collection. ABI Research was not compensated in any way to produce this information and the opinions of ABI Research or its analysts on any subject are continually revised based on the most current data available. The information contained herein has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable. ABI Research disclaims all warranties, express or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose

Interview - Jordan McKee, Senior Analyst

What are the 2015 key trends in Payment? How will EMV change the consumer experience and habits ? We asked Industry Senior Analyst, Jordan McKee, for his thoughts. See him discuss Apple Pay, omnichannel and 2015 trends in our video interview!

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