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Fly high with on-board payment application

DO IT are experts in implementing and supporting business solutions in the fields of e-commerce, mobile, and collaborative and business intelligence.


User-friendly solution for flight attendants

It’s difficult for airline companies to organise training sessions for their crew as they are always travelling. Finding a suitable time for all flight attendants is very hard.

So, when providing their staff with new tools, airline companies need to ensure they are intuitive and user-friendly devices with which they could access to duty free items quickly. But it also needed to be enjoyable to browse and explore, containing informative product information, accurate pricing and up to date images. The payment interface also needed a clear, professional design to inspire trust and reassure customers that this new way of paying was reliable.


Online and offline data synchronisation

On an aircraft, the GPRS networks that would normally be used to process payments in real time are not available – or they risk interfering with the aircraft’s on-board navigation system. To adapt to these unique challenges, the DOT IT solution is able to function online and offline, with an inbuilt way to identify invalid and black-listed cards. 

A comprehensive feature list

The duty free catalogue software offers categories, products, detailed product information, a search engine, payment, printing and more.And all in a modular, rich and flexible format that gives airlines companies the ability to customize their own solution.

The stewardess launches the application and can navigate using the admin interface. The Manager profile allows the administrator to synchronise the product catalogue and stock information before and after the airplane takes off. Once connected to the GPRS network, the application instantly starts synchronising automatically.

During a flight, the application catalogue shows real-time stock levels, product images and descriptions. To search for a product, a flight attendant scans the bar code and the application will find it automatically. Then he must connect and authenticate for security reasons, then chooses the customer’s card type in order to proceed to payment.

Security and authorisation to protect from theft

Any mobile payment solution, especially one running on a desirable device like an iPod, runs the risk of theft – so protecting the system from abuse was an important feature. Card details are held securely, using encrypted data, so they are useless if stolen. This ensures that the devices and the flight attendants using them will not become targets for criminals.

key benefits

Better stock management

A virtual catalogue allows a much more responsive approach to stock levels, ensuring that whenever an item is in stock, it can be sold. This accelerated process allows airline companies to be much more reactive in their vending strategy and capitalise on revenue, for example, adding sun cream and hats to their range during unseasonably hot weather to maximise sales.

Avoid the wait and increase revenue

The average transaction is processed in under few seconds using the inflight application. This means that flight attendants have more time available to serve more customers, and especially on short flights where time is limited, they can move quickly from one customer to another, boosting revenue opportunities. The ‘search’ and ‘scan barcode’ features also make it faster to find products; every part of the process has been optimised to make it faster and more user-friendly.

Experts in the implementation and support of business solutions in the e-commerce, mobile, collaborative and business intelligence areas. Specialists in new media and multi-channel digital communication strategies.  DOT IT, Gold Certified specialists in mobile multi-channel IT implementation, worked to roll out a business application that runs on iPod Touch devices.