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Valve company is the producer of award-winning games, leading-edge technologies, and the groundbreaking social entertainment platform Steam®.

The Customer

When you give smart talented people the freedom to create without fear of failure, amazing things happen. Valve has followed this philosophy since 1996, which led to producing award-winning games, leading-edge technologies, and the groundbreaking social entertainment platform Steam®.

Valve’s success story began with Half-Life®, the first-person, sci-fi shooter game that won more than 50 “Game of the Year” and a few "Best Game Ever" awards.

The Challenge: entering Russia

Being the world's largest online gaming platform, Valve works with business partners to help them realize their global growth ambitions.

For this reason, Valve also chose Ingenico ePayments: an international payment service provider offering among other things consultancy, a broad portfolio of payment methods, currency conversion, and localization of payment pages to ensure maximum conversion.

So it was a logical choice to go with Ingenico ePayments as a PSP to help Valve tap into the huge potential of BRIC gaming markets.

The Requirement

Online fraud is a real concern to companies rolling out in Russia, and Valve needed a knowledgeable and dedicated partner as a PSP for help.

Together with Ingenico ePayments Valve needed to find a way to tackle this problem in order to tap into the huge potential of BRIC gaming markets.

The Solution

Localize their approach by offering domestic alternative payment methods - which inherently have a lower fraud risk.

Stepping up fraud prevention tools, Valve together with Ingenico ePayments successfully tackled the issue.

Ingenico ePayments also advised on cultural payment preferences; historically, consumer confidence in Russian banks and financial institutions is low, so offering alternative products like eWallets is the best approach.

The Benefits

Introducing pricing in Russian Rubles further boosted sales and thus revenues.

When entering any of the BRIC countries, you will find out quickly that offering local payment methods and pricing in domestic currency is by far the best strategy because it simultaneously results in boosting sales and reducing fraud.

A strategy Ingenico ePayments also advises Valve on in Brazil and China.

The Future

Valve found Ingenico ePayments to be both a dedicated and knowledgeable partner, offering among other things:

  • A very stable infrastructure with great uptime thanks to its fully redundant platform
  • Outstanding customer service and response times
  • Unsurpassed and continually expanding portfolio of local payment methods
  • Profound knowledge of local markets and culturally preferred payment methods
  • Guidance on constantly evolving legal requirements and banking regulations.

 Valve feels that this partnership is built on trust and the confidence that Ingenico ePayments can accommodate their future growth ambitions.

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