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Becoming a shareholder

The Ingenico Group share is listed on the Paris stock market (ISIN code: FR0000125346).

Contact Shareholders phone number:
+33 1 58 01 85 09

Before you can buy shares, you need to open a securities account at your bank or with another financial intermediary.

The shares in that account are known as “bearer shares.” Alternatively, Ingenico Group shares may be held in pure registered or in administered registered form.

You may also buy pure registered shares directly from our authorized agent, CACEIS Corporate Trust, whose contact details are as follows:

CACEIS Corporate Trust
Service Relations investisseurs
14, rue Rouget de Lisle
92862 Issy les Moulineaux Cedex 9, France
Tel.: +33 1 57 78 34 44
[email protected]


Bearer shares

Bearer shares are deposited with a bank, online broker, or other financial intermediary. Ingenico Group does not know who the shareholder is unless an “identifiable bearer security” ( Titres au Porteur Identifiable) survey is carried out. The shares are traded on the stock market in this form.


Pure registered shares

Pure registered shares are deposited with CACEIS Corporate Trust, which is duly mandated by Ingenico Group to keep its share register.

If you want to convert your shares from bearer to pure registered form, instruct the financial intermediary with whom your shares are deposited to deliver them to CACEIS Corporate Trust, member No. 23 of Euroclear France.

Your intermediary will proceed to transfer your shares to our issuing bank.

When it receives them, CACEIS Corporate Trust will send you notification of registration and will become your sole point of contact.


Administered registered shares

Administered registered shares are deposited with and managed by a financial intermediary. Ingenico Group knows who the shareholder is and opens a securities account in the shareholder’s name, but all business concerning the shares is transacted through the shareholder’s financial intermediary.

Opening an administered registered account does not require you to transfer your shares or to change banks.

Your account is managed by the intermediary of your choice.

If you want to convert your shares from bearer to administered registered form, your financial intermediary has to make the request to our authorized agent, CACEIS Corporate Trust, but will continue to manage your securities account.