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Integration and Technology

The global eCommerce market is rapidly growing in size and complexity. The number of consumers buying online is growing year over year, as new international players join the global online marketplace. Proliferation of connected devices that enable commerce - smart phones, tablets, consoles, TV’s, wearables and eventually cars and the Internet of Things - opens up new opportunities to connect with customers.

As a merchant, prospering means constantly adapting to the evolving eco-system. The key to success is anticipating changes in market conditions and capitalizing on new opportunities. Timely knowledge and intelligence, as well as agility, will be critical success factors, enabling you to respond quickly when opportunities arise.

Our payment platforms were built using cutting-edge technologies. With them, we provide you with the availability, security and redundancy you need to sleep easy at night, the data and insights you need to make informed decisions about your strategic direction, and the flexibility you need to quickly adapt to changes in the marketplace and embrace new opportunities.

Easy integration

Ingenico ePayments offers various ways to integrate. This ranges from an API to hosted pages. You can pick the one that fits best, based on your business context, user experience requirements, and technical and security capabilities.

Among the integration methods is Ingenico Connect, a suite of tools and services designed to make integration to our payment platform simple, fast and secure, using the latest technologies and tools that developers expect. Once integrated, Ingenico Connect’s mobile-first interfaces enable you to flexibly create an engaging consumer experience on any device.

Ingenico Connect comes with a Developer Hub. This is a central repository of information, resources, and support that developers need to integrate with Ingenico Connect. This includes full API referencing, direct access to the SDKs, test cases and best practices, and access to FAQs and support. The Developer Hub also includes a sandbox environment where developers can test and validate their results.

With Ingenico Connect, you can choose between four different ways to connect to our platform, depending on your specific needs and desired PCI scope.

Learn more about Ingenico Connect

If Ingenico Connect isn’t right for you, our expert consultants can advise and guide you towards other integration capabilities that are more suitable towards your business context.

Partners and Alliances

To ease integration for merchants who use one of the leading eCommerce or shopping cart platforms, Ingenico ePayments has built a global network of industry partners, including leading technology and eCommerce platform providers, reservation systems, shopping carts, integration service providers, and other complementary service providers.

Our easy to use plug-ins for these partners enable quick and seamless integration with our services.


Our infrastructure is the backbone of our operations and it includes our back-office applications, databases, and data centers. Ingenico operates a future-proof platform that is simple to connect to, scalable, and ready to help you capture the next phase of global of eCommerce growth. We continue to invest in our infrastructure to guarantee the highest levels of availability and security.

Using our infrastructure, you’ll enjoy:

  • Access to critical data and insights through our comprehensive reports and Elevate business Intelligence tool, which provide critical account information that you can use to manage and optimize your performance.
  • The assurance of industry-leading security, reliability and scalability with state-of-the-art security and fraud detection, full redundancy and fail-over with Live/Live data center integration.


Security is at the heart of our organization. Because we collect payments on your behalf, your trust and the protection of your customers’ personal data is essential to us. To that end, Ingenico ePayments platforms are PCI-DSS first level certified.

We ensure security and compliancy for eCommerce and cross-channel transactions, and protect all sensitive payment data such as cardholder data and sensitive authentication data.

Our tokenization product reduces your PCI DSS compliance requirements to just a few questions, and enables you to guarantee safe management of consumer cards details. Our range of security functionalities protect customer payment data, allow management of sensitive credit card data, decrease your risk from cyber-attacks, preserve your reputation, and can protect you from heavy fines.

The continuity of your business is safe with our trusted and controlled environment.