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Your one-stop payment solution: Ingenico Full Service

Offer the preferred payment method in many different countries – without the hassle of having to open multiple bank accounts or form new legal entities.


Increase your conversion rate
You'll have instant access to the payment methods your prospects know and trust so you can quickly move into new markets and boost conversion by offering them a choice of how to pay.

Save time on reconciliation
You'll receive combined reports and funding for all activated payment methods instead of having to manage different reports, payment cycles and conditions for each payment method.

Reduce your paperwork
You'll only have one contract to manage instead of many contracts with various acquirers in different countries.

Issue refunds
You'll be able to issue refunds whenever you want to – even for the payment methods that don't offer refunds.

Combines with your other payment methods
You can manage all your payments on the same platform, including those you receive from other payment methods such as Paypal or American Express.

Offer bank transfers
You can let customers pay by local bank transfer (essential in the Netherlands and Germany) and get notified as soon as their payment has been received.