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Checkout & Conversion

The checkout process is where the magic happens.

If you think about your sales process as a funnel, then the checkout experience is the narrowest part of the funnel. It is where shoppers complete their order and become paying customers. By improving this experience you widen the funnel, leading more people to complete their purchase.

So how do you improve the checkout experience? There are many variables that determine whether a consumer drops off during the payment process, or successfully completes a purchase. The key is to identify and remove all possible barriers, and to make the act of paying as seamless as possible.

At Ingenico ePayments, we have over two decades of experience in analyzing online consumer behavior and optimizing the checkout experience for the best possible result. Our experience directly improves our products and services, and allows you to remove friction and maximize your sales.

Checkout Experiences

Providing customers with a seamless checkout experience is increasingly important, as consumers expect payments to be easy and ‘invisible’ - a mere click on a button to confirm their intent. Creating such a seamless checkout experience requires a holistic approach towards the checkout process.

Consumers can come across many barriers during the checkout process, including:

  • long payment data forms that are hard to complete
  • pricing that is vague or not offered in local currency
  • pages that look different from the rest of your site, leading to confusion and mistrust
  • popular payment methods that aren’t offered
  • payment pages that aren’t responsive or optimized for mobile
  • many others

By removing friction from the checkout process, you gain trust and loyalty from your customers.

Checkout Experiences

Conversion Tools

Our products and services are designed to help you tackle barriers, remove friction, and increase conversion.

Ingenico MyCheckout hosted payment pages
Ingenico MyCheckout hosted payment pages are responsive and optimized for mobile devices, which means they automatically adjust to the device they are shown on. With the unique MyCheckout page editor, you control the look and feel of your checkout page without the need for special coding skills.

Tokenization / one-click payments
Use our tokenization technology to make it even simpler for your customers and allow them to perform one-click payments, having a proven positive effect on conversion and repeat purchases.

Flexible 3-D Secure
Make flexible use of 3D-Secure to optimize the balance between risk management and conversion.

Transaction routing
Get higher approval rates, thanks to our intelligent transaction routing system that makes the most of our worldwide acquirer coverage.

Analyze your payments data and identify issues and opportunities for optimization with our Elevate Business Intelligence tool. Elevate includes specific dashboards that visualize all the data generated by your business during the checkout process, so that you can identify and remove barriers to conversion.

Ingenico ePayments Full Service Subscriptions

Enjoy financial services and gateway services in a single contract, which includes more features by default at an attractive price.  Get one financial flow and one payout report in a single format, as well as access to multiple payment methods. You also benefit from transparent pricing and capped rates as standard on all credit and debit card transactions. 

Both our Premium and Enterprise subscription packages provide you with the tools necessary to easily expand into new markets and safely grow your business, while saving you time and money on operation and administration. 

Key Benefits


  • A single contract for all payment methods, currencies and acquirers
  • Interchange++ pricing on Cards: transparent pricing and capped rates
  • A daily or weekly payout of all your financial flows, in the currency you prefer
  • A detailed report showing all your selected payment methods in one record
  • Less administration and lower costs
  • One-Click Checkout / Tokenization: increase conversion by  enabling customers to checkout immediately and make payments more convenient for returning  customers through tokenization
  • Manage recurring payments and subscriptions
  • Basic Fraud screening: advanced security for all transactions


  • Everything in the Full Service Premium package, plus:
  • More users in the backend
  • Additional reporting customization options
  • Advanced user capabilities through a Group Manager letting you manage complex hierarchies
  • Dedicated Support (on request)
  • A customized approach
  • Good for coordinating in large companies and across multiple regions

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