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Looking for some help to make the most of peak sales? Why not use a peak sales day to open up your business to new markets? Discover all the peak sales days from different countries in our Peak Sales Calendar. Find out everything you need to do to beat the larger merchants at their own game. Download your Peak Sales Calendar today to plan your way to eCommerce success. 

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Preparing for Christmas this summer

How much do you really know about how customers behave at the busiest online sales period of the year?

Where do customers prefer to shop, and why? Are the discounts genuine? How do consumers prefer to pay for their goods? And how can smaller merchants compete with the larger players?

We’ve put together an eBook for you with all the answers to these questions and more to help you plan now for retail success this Christmas.

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Go Global as Part of Your Black Friday Strategy

To find the customers who favour SMBs during peak sales days, merchants have to think global. Cross-border purchases rose significantly from 2016-17 and in an increasingly digital landscape, that figure is only set to rise.

With this in mind, it’s vital to align with a payments provider that can deliver secure cross-border conversions, providing the payment methods, currencies and protection that customers demand, wherever they are, and whatever device they choose to shop via.

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During the holidays, Up to a Quarter of Online Shoppers Favour SMBs

If you think the presence of global retail giants like Amazon means there is no opportunity for your small to medium business, think again. Whilst international behemoths will claim the biggest share, up to a quarter of online shoppers in key European markets will choose to shop with smaller, niche retailers.

Why? Because while the big players can roll out the big discounts, the agility of small merchants means they can offer more targeted or unique products that stand out amongst the discount white noise of the holidays. The trend is stark across Europe. Find out which markets provide the biggest opportunities.

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January Sales: Don’t Discount Longer Lasting and Tailored Promotions

The January Sales marketing strategy deployed by SMBs shouldn’t only focus on heavy discounts. It’s no longer just about price drops. There is growing widespread scepticism from consumers that heavy discounts are genuine, especially in the UK.

Discount pricing strategy alone is not enough. Instead, customers have a clear desire for value added offers and long-term incentives. This presents a significant opportunity for SMBs. Find out more insights to shape your future strategies.

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Valentine’s Day: Show your customers some love with an efficient returns process

The perceived short term bargain window, leads to a ‘fear of missing out’ for many shoppers, who may choose to buy products when they don’t really need them or truly want them. Due to this, whilst these peak periods result in a high number of transactions, they also result in the highest volume of returns.

It’s important to step up your customer service capacity and ensure you can handle the volume of returns – especially as some of these products bought may be Valentine presents that need efficient processing. Start planning now for the next peak sales day with our Peak Sales Calendar.


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Watch: How to Get Set for Peak Sales Periods

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