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AXIUM ecosystem

In a world where consumers adopt new shopping habits, where regulation changes and where technology is moving fast with the rise of smart devices, Ingenico is introducing Axium, a next-generation commerce POS platform.


Smart business enabler to personalize in-store customer experience

The AXIUM D7 and its rich business ecosystem combines Ingenico’s assets in secure payments and store management solutions. It allows web browsing and supports a wealth of Android applications.

AXIUM D7 offers the benefits of an open Android environment, combined with the security and stability of our proven Telium Tetra operating system. Thanks to its Android user interface and its full openness to the web, the AXIUM D7 allows merchants to personalize in-store customer experience. APIs simplify integration to enable rich interactions on the AXIUM D7, while cloud services enable cloud backup, for business continuity purposes, and the remote management of the AXIUM D7 content and settings. All these features are instrumental in the digitalization of small-scale commerce.

The AXIUM D7 is a modular ECR tablet, made for merchants’ professional usage, accepting the latest generation payments including alternative payments based on QR codes such as Alipay. Modular, design, reliable, fully connected and future-proof are all keywords that define the AXIUM D7.

Cloud Services Centre

Allowing remote services & optimized operational process.​

With the Cloud Services Centre, Ingenico adopts a “cloud-native” approach to truly modernize the estate owners’ IT capability with scalable service components that can be combined in a way that increases performance, security & service quality. The Ingenico Cloud Services Centre offers access to a complete service offer, from merchant business services to payment application updates and online in-store capability.

Brochure / Cloud Services Centre

Creating unified customer journeys, from merchant boarding to checkout and business analysis.

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Open APIs

Connecting smart POS to all services easily & securely.

The software platform comes with a set of APIs that permits developers to easily and quickly integrate their business Android applications with the Telium TETRA secured payment module, and deliver an enhanced merchant experience on the Axium smart POS. The Open APIs can also connect the Android business applications with the Cloud Services Centre by accessing post-payment sales and transaction data to take merchants’ business experience to the next level.

Partners' program

Enriching business content and providing merchants with a truly end-to-end solution.

Ingenico partners professional & experienced ECR software vendors to provide the best services for each vertical & geography.

Join Ingenico's developer community to build strong in store digital apps and services for merchants on our latest generation of smart terminals.

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Online in-store capabilities

Delivering frictionless payment across online, mobile, in-store and social commerce.

The shift to online and specifically to mobile Internet use has had a significant impact on consumers’ shopping behaviour. Today’s shopper wants to be able to purchase anywhere, at any time, from any device. So the cross-channel use cases, such as click & collect, are no longer just for the big players, which is why Ingenico offers merchants a seamless tokenization solution.

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