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Corporate citizenship / Setting the example

As a socially minded and responsible leader, Ingenico is increasingly committed to managing the societal impacts of its operations, products and business relationships.

Since October 28, 2020, Ingenico has joined Worldline.

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As a socially minded and responsible leader, Ingenico is increasingly committed to managing the societal impacts of its operations, products and business relationships.

  • Safe and secure payment solutions that ensure data protection

Security is enshrined in the company’s DNA. It is a key factor in terminal design and a priority in every service offered. Payments are being made in new ways, becoming digitized, and make the role of security ever more important. Always at the cutting edge of secure payments, and obtaining new certifications regularly, Ingenico offers its customers and the end users of its solutions an unparalleled level of security. Ingenico was the first payment solutions provider to achieve PCI PIN Transaction security 5.0 certification, the highest security standard in the industry, in November 2016.
Very demanding of its suppliers on security issues, the company only selects ISO 27001-certified data centers for their information security management.
The protection of personal data is also of paramount importance to Ingenico, who is committed to protecting the privacy and the rights of individuals in compliance with data privacy regulations including the European GDPR. Ingenico implemented a worldwide privacy policy applicable to all its entities, built a centralized privacy office with a network of data protection officers, enhanced its processes, contracts and documentation, and rolled out e-learning and awareness programs for its employees.

  • Responsible supply chain management

Ingenico pays particular attention to the management of its terminal supply chain and imposes high environmental and social requirements on suppliers. The stakes are high because the production of its terminals is entirely outsourced. 

In line with its ambition to achieve sustainable economic growth and create value for all our stakeholders, Ingenico has developed a Responsible Purchasing Charter structured into five commitments:

  1. Maintain fair relations with our suppliers
  2. Promote high labour and human rights standards through our supply chain
  3. Promote high environmental standards through our supply chain
  4. Promote high ethical standards through our supply chain
  5. Avoid conflict minerals and other controversial substances in our terminals

The company places strict controls on the assembly sites with dedicated employees on the main sites of its first-tier suppliers, tasked with supervising the assembly lines on a daily basis and ensuring that operations are carried out in compliance with the rules set by the company.

Ingenico pays the same attention to its second-tier suppliers in charge of the production of terminal components. The company has deployed a CSR contract to formalize its requirements, evaluates the CSR performance of these suppliers through the EcoVadis platform and carries out on-site audits covering social and environmental aspects specific to their activities.

  • Positive impact solutions

Ingenico uses its technology to raise funds for non-profit organizations. The most widespread is the micro-donation on payment terminals, which allows you to round up the amount of your purchase to the next euro and donate the difference to a non-profit organisation. In 2019, micro-donations accounted for 11.4 million transactions, raising almost 2.7 million euros over the year. For more information on micro-donation and its impacts, click here.

Ingenico also addresses NGOs by allowing them to accept online donations on their websites. Thanks to our offer of online payment acceptance solutions provided at preferential prices for all NGOs, nearly 170 million euros were raised in 2019.

The ultimate goal is to support cash-based societies move to a cashless and inclusive ecosystem.
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We welcome your comments and questions about Ingenico’s CSR approach.

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