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Valentina Goh

Business Support and Marketing Coordinator - Singapore

Valentina is a regional business & marketing coordinator for South East Asia. 

Valentina is in charge of product support, marketing coordination and event management for South East Asia.

What do you like most about Ingenico Group?

I am proud to be part of this global leader in seamless Payment, continuously innovating in the field of service and solutions. Amazed to see how our daily job, our range of products and services affect our daily lives.  

What do you value most in your everyday job? 

Every day is a new challenge. My position requires me to support my colleagues, understand their needs and issues they might encounter.in order to fix them. The ability to advise and help them just feels great.

I enjoy learning from my colleagues and share knowledge with them. All our teams are very committed and professional in their fields, very talented and eager to advise and assist each other. 

My role allows me to split my time between creative and organizational tasks. I love having that duality, because when I get stuck on the creative stuff, I can switch gears and do the organizational stuff. Nothing to dislike then. 

Your word about Ingenico Group?

We are the global leader in seamless payment!


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