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Luigi Musto

Customer & Product Initiatives Manager - Italy

Luigi is Customer & Product Initiatives Manager.

Luigi discusses and agrees the introduction of new features and technologies, regarding the electronic payments, with our customers, the largest banks and acquirers in Italy

What do you like the most about Ingenico Group?

I’ve been working at Ingenico Group for many years now and I can say it is my ‘family’. The Group has always given me the opportunity to grow and I’ve always felt very committed to the company. 

Ingenico Group is a large community. Each employee can share information with a colleague from anywhere in the world. Knowledge and ideas sharing is highly encouraged. This is a powerful factor of personal and business success. The countries market specificities are considered carefully: every innovation introduced locally can be a topic of success on a global basis. Every day, thanks to Ingenico Group, I can see the result of my work. 

What do you value most in your everyday job? 

My day to day work consists in meeting people and translate ideas into feasible projects. Not easy to reach an agreement with all parties, but oustandingly interesting! 

Behind me there is an international company that helps me reach my objectives. Each person has a different way of thinking depending on the country/market they work for. This is a regular detailed and rich discussion. 

Your word about Ingenico Group 

I feel and work well at Ingenico Group, and I do think most of my colleagues feel the same.  This is what makes Ingenico Group a great company to work for.


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