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People / The cornerstones of our success



Convinced that diversity and inclusion ensure strong performance, Ingenico Group relies on global talent to support its ambitions for growth. 7,500 employees, 81 nationalities spread over 36 countries, technical, commercial and operational skills in the service of a variety of sectors and businesses: this diversity is what makes Ingenico Group a leading company capable of keeping step with the changes in tomorrow’s business world.

  • A fair, respectful and inclusive work environment

With more than 35 years of success, Ingenico Group now counts as a major global fintech player. The Group is committed to ensuring staff engagement in building the future of payments. Ingenico people support each other with commitment and entrepreneurial spirit.

The Group continually invests in the recruitment and the individual and group integration of profiles from all professional backgrounds. Quite particular attention is paid to welcoming and integrating employees, as our Group is being built largely through acquisitions. A natural sense of belonging drives global and local career journeys.

In a business sector with a strong technological component, where men are traditionally more represented than women, Ingenico Group is committed to improving gender equality at work for its employees worldwide. Ingenico Group is an equal opportunity employer.

Our remuneration schemes are designed to be fair, attractive and competitive.


WIN “We at Ingenico” is a dedicated diversity network at Ingenico, to promote gender equality and inclusion in our Group.

We believe diversity is crucial to our success. As this is a step-by-step journey, we decided to start with a focus on gender diversity. WIN‘s first objective is to empower women to become leaders and create an inclusive workplace. To do so, learning sessions, mentoring program, awareness workshops are organized within the company. All employees, men and women, are invited to participate in order to create, together, a more gender-balanced environment.

  • Employee engagement and development

Ingenico Group has developed a positive corporate culture based on three pillars corresponding to the issues at stake for the Group to remain agile in a complex and ever-changing environment: speed and innovation, solidarity and benevolence, size and development. We strive to develop a working environment focused on four themes: giving meaning, developing skills, fostering a culture founded on respect and fairness, and acknowledging results. This contributes to individual and team commitment to achieving the Group’s ambitions.

Our management is based on aligning the goals and priorities of each business unit and activity with the issues at stake for the company. Ingenico Group ensures that these priorities are clearly in keeping with individual and Group performance, and well understood by its employees thanks to regular communication on corporate strategy.

The latest internal engagement survey, which saw a very significant turnout, revealed a number of strengths including: employees’ confidence in the Group’s strategy, their pride in being part of the Group, their customer-centricity and their positive perception of their workplace, where an inspiring culture of solidarity, diversity and inclusion prevails.

To continue improving the strong levels of engagement of all employees and their workplace environment, we have developed new training and personal development methods sustained by a global e-learning platform accessible to all employees. Additionally, we deployed a digital workplace comprised of a series of tools fostering operational efficiency and the feeling of belonging.

Ingenico in the 2018 Gender Equality Global Ranking by Equileap

Equileap is a global leader in researching gender balance and gender equality in public companies.  Every year it collects data from more than 3,000 public companies in 23 countries and uses this to rank companies leading the way in achieving gender balance and equality.
Equipleap’s recognition encourages Ingenico Group to pursue its efforts to promote gender equality through actions such as its partnership with Women in Payments, a network which promotes and develops female leadership in the payments industry.

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