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Governance & Management / Leading through engagement and responsibility

  • A dedicated CSR governance structure

Ingenico Group's global approach to CSR is led by a dedicated team within the CSR Department, supported by business experts and a network of Ambassadors in order to deploy SHARE programme throughout the Group.

CSR is regularly monitored by the Executive Committee and the Board of Directors. Like ethics, it is one of the subjects covered by the Board’s Compensation, Appointments and Governance Committee.

  • Responsible business practices


Ingenico Group's scrupulous commitment to ethics is reflected in its Code of Ethics and Business Conduct, designed to create a common set of principles that comply with all applicable laws and regulations. Through this tool, the Group intends to influence its entire ecosystem. In this way, it describes its expectations not only of its own employees, but also of third parties with whom it interacts. It includes in the appendix its alert policy on gifts and invitations, its whistle-blowing policy and its anti-corruption policy.

In addition, Ingenico Group marks its formal commitment to pursue its development according to internationally recognized ethical rules by supporting the United Nations Global Compact, the world's largest sustainable development initiative. Our latest annual communication (Communication On Progress - COP) is available on the UN Global Compact website

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20 November 2015: Ingenico Group supports the United Nations Global Compact

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