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Environment / Preserving natural resources

Ingenico Group is pursuing an ambitious policy to limit the ecological footprint linked to its infrastructures and business activity, along with the use of its solutions. To steer this environmental charter and make it an integral part of a continuous improvement approach, Ingenico Group has adopted an environmental management system based on the ISO 14001 international standard. Initiatives are deployed in many fields such as: eco-design of products and services, development of low environmental impact solutions, control of the activities' carbon footprint or electronic waste recycling.

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  • Safe and eco-conscious products

A major concern for Ingenico Group is reducing the environmental footprint of its products and services. The Group’s environmental approach involves pursuing eco-design and incorporating environmental criteria into its purchasing policy with the aim of reducing or eliminating the use of hazardous or harmful materials and minimising the impact of the Group’s solutions on the environment.

  • Management of greenhouse gas emissions

Aware of climate change and the associated consequences that the world is currently experiencing, Ingenico Group wants to take part in the collective dynamic aimed at keeping global warming below 2°C. The Group's commitments to the climate revolve around complementary initiatives:

  • Annual assessment of greenhouse gas emissions of the entire value chain and plan to reduce them;

  • Digitalization of payment receipts in order to optimize the carbon footprint of each transaction;

  • Use of renewable electricity in data centres for processing payment transactions.

CDP (Carbone Disclosure Project), an independent organisation holding the leading carbon database in the world intended for international investors in search of sustainable placements, rewarded Ingenico Group’s proactive carbon policy by granting it a score of B in 2019, which places the Group above the sectorial, European and global average (score of C).
In addition, Ingenico Group regularly carries out carbon neutrality operations with partners such as GoodPlanet Foundation or reforestACTION.

  • Electronic waste management

As a global manufacturer of electronic products, the collection and recycling of electronic waste is a priority for Ingenico Group. This is why Ingenico Group supports customers in recycling their end-of-life terminals by offering them collection solutions in most countries where the Group is present.

This commitment to circular economy helps firstly to protect the environment since electronic waste may contain toxic and hazardous materials likely to pollute the soil and water, and secondly, to conserve natural resources, since electronic waste contains many precious and reusable materials.
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