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ingenico group / the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee consists of the heads of Ingenico Group’s regional and functional entities. The Executive Committee works to ensure effective communication and interaction between all Group entities. 

The Executive Committee members

ingenico group / board of directors

The Ingenico Group Board of Directors applies best practices in terms of independence and balanced representation of both management and shareholders’ interests. The Board consists of the Strategic Committee, the Audit and Finance Committee, and the Remunerations, Nominations and Governance Committee.

The Board members

Strategy committee

Ensure that all major projects are consistent with the Group’s new strategy, whether they involve new ventures, expansion of existing facilities, disposal of assets or new equity investments. The Committee also examines all proposals by third parties to acquire a stake in Ingenico Group, particularly through merger and acquisition operations.

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Audit and finance committee

Assist the Board of Directors in continually monitoring the way in which Ingenico Group is run. The Audit and Finance Committee is also responsible for alerting the Board to any irregularities it may detect in the Group’s financial statements and internal control procedures.

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Compensation, appointments and governance committee

Advise the Board of Directors in respect of compensation and appointment of executive and non executive officers (CEO and Board members).

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