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Transaction Solutions

Save money by entrusting your transactions management with Ingenico

Save money by entrusting your transactions management with Ingenico

In a payment industry that is increasingly sophisticated, Ingenico designs the most comprehensive transaction management offers for its partners and customers.

Ingenico’s Transaction Solutions take this pain away, providing the complete transaction management solution - delivering end-to-end security, control and monitoring, reducing total cost of ownership and offering new service opportunities:

Axis: a multi-channel transaction managementAxis: a multi-channel transaction management

Maximizing the accuracy and speed of collection, Ingenico provides a single, centralized platform to manage and control the domestic or cross-border transaction at every stage of its lifecycle. Supporting and securing any payment type or value added service, Ingenico ensures complete visibility of the transaction flow through a uniquely customizable dashboard and comprehensive reporting tools.

ePayment ePayment: choose the leader in payment solutions whatever the sales channel

Ingenico's unified, cross-channel payment solutions for retailers with both 'brick and mortar' and e-commerce entities offer increased overall return on investment, optimized integration and operating costs and the power to manage a business as a whole, whatever the sales channel involves.

On-Guard Point-to-Point Security On-Guard P2PE for optimum security and simplified, fast PCI DSS certification

Maximizing the security of payment systems and cardholder data in an increasingly complex regulatory environment is a critical challenge for merchants today.

Ingestate: Terminal Estate Management IngEstate: simplify your terminal estate management

Slashing the cost and complexity of managing your in-store payment infrastructure, Ingenico provides estate-wide remote terminal and software management while ensuring the complete visibility of customer’s POS fleet through a uniquely customisable customer e-Portal.

Connectivity ManagementControlled and secure connectivity anywhere in the world

Delivering the flexibility to send transaction data from any POS system over any telecoms network, anywhere in the world, Ingenico minimizes telephony costs and delivers always-on connectivity across wireline, wireless and internet channels. Uniquely, its customer e-Portal delivers full service visibility – from customizable dashboards, and user profile management, to alerts and detailed reporting.

Incendo Online: a platform for value added servicesIncendo Online: a platform for value added services

Increasing revenue through the launch of a new range of compelling applications and POS services, Incendo Online provides the ideal environment to speed up the creation and deployment of new applications and services from Ingenico and third party suppliers. New services can be rapidly deployed, managed and monitored to ensure each one delivers real value to the business.

ePortale-portal: Ingenico electronic portal

Delivering real-time visibility and reporting, this dedicated customer portal enables executives to gain a detailed view of new services and campaign success, to control the network from a technical perspective and analyze payment and transaction data across the board.

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