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Veolia Transport selects Ingenico’s mobile payment solution in a partnership with Amesys 01 Aralık 2010

Veolia Transport selects Ingenico’s mobile payment solution in a partnership with Amesys

Ingenico (Euronext : FR0000125346 - ING), leading worldwide provider of payment solutions, today announces that Veolia transport has implemented the payment solution provided by Ingenico for the Rhônexpress tramway in France. Ingenico partnered with Amesys to provide an overall solution dedicated to the transport industry and to integrate the ticketing applications. The operations started in August 2010.

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Veolia Transport is a worldwide leader in passenger transportation and sustainable mobility, present in around 30 countries. It operates 37,162 road and rail vehicles, carrying more than 2.3 billion passengers per year. For their Rhônexpress project, they aimed at delivering a premium, top-quality service to their customers. Veolia wanted to offer a flexible ticketing service to the passenger, through on-board sales, unattended kiosk and Internet. Ingenico has been able to provide both terminals and transaction management solution to rapidly roll out a simple and secure payment solution.

The mobile payment terminal iPA280Ingenico provided mobile iPA280 Payment-PDAs for use by on-board ticket officers and i9500 unattended terminals for self-service ticket kiosks, all interfaced with the Axis transaction management system. The innovative IPA280 Payment-PDA developed by Ingenico is a rugged PDA combined with a secure payment solution including amongst others contactless data capture. Ingenico and Amesys developed ticketing applications integrating the latest release of Calypso standard required by the transport industry.

quoteThe combined expertise of Ingenico and Amesys enabled us to provide high quality, innovative services for travellers. We offer them more flexibility through secure, on-board payments, ticket control and multi-channel ticket sales” said Eric Boulland, Regional Director, Veolia Transport

quoteAmesys expertise in ticketing applications and system integration allowed us to leverage Ingenico’s iPA280 mobile payPDA and Axis transaction management to deliver a fully integrated solution matching transport industry’s highest requirements” explained Olivier Bohbot, Deputy VP, Amesys.

quoteThanks to the IPA280 and the application developed by Amesys, Veolia ticket officers are now able to read and validate tickets using contactless technology, scan printed tickets bought on the Internet and issue and print on-board tickets whilst accepting bank card payments” added Frederic Leclef, Managing Director, Ingenico France: “All this is now possible with only one device”.


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