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Ingenico offers merchants different ways to interface an ePayment solution

Ingenico offers merchants different ways to interface an ePayment solution and manage transactions according to their needs; a client payment page, an Ingenico-hosted payment page and an Ingenico MO/TO (mail order/ telephone order) interface.

Client payment page, Ingenico-powered payment

A solution adapted to retailers with a substantial infrastructure and preferring to manage their own payment page, consumers stay fully within their merchant website.

Ingenico allows the retailer flexible options to centralize and manage transaction data - either in real time, through API secure protocols linked directly to Ingenico servers or on a per batch basis, centralizing data monthly or weekly, for example for subscriptions.

Ingenico-hosted payment model

Ingenico manages the retailer’s payment page, providing the trusted third party guarantee and notoriety to reassure online consumers and improve conversion rates. The fully secured SSL payment page is re-branded with the retailer’s logo and customized text area, in keeping with the look and feel of the website. PCI DSS compliancy is greatly simplified and retailers achieve faster, less costly certification.

MO/TO (Mail Order / Telephone Order)

e-Portal enables merchants to centralize cross-channel transaction information. In addition, it handles real time reporting and management of internet and MO/TO (mail order / telephone order) transactions through a management interface that deals with captures, refunds and cancellations. It allows retailers to keep their fingers firmly on the pulse of web and MO/TO transactions, act upon information provided by e-Portal and intervene directly, for example to easily cancel the transaction and refund the client if needed. MO/TO Customer service advisors are located in a secure environment, ensuring full PCI DSS security.

Flexible payment configurations

Ingenico offers merchants a complete portfolio of payment types including deferred payment (e.g for payment on delivery) recurrent and split payments, managing the complex flow of financial data across borders, while ensuring swift and accurate settlement. Ingenico delivers unparalleled, end-to-end, PCI DSS-compliant transaction security that incorporates comprehensive fraud management and the 3D Secure option offers an added layer of security for online card-not-present transactions.

The alias management feature Ingenico offers enables any merchant to offer a “one-click” end user purchasing experience.

What’s more, the Ingenico ePayment, standalone solution has the flexibility to connect to any payment processor, accepting a wide range of payment facilities and configurations. It connects to the Ingenico Axis payment platform, allowing retailers to accept a full range of credit and debit cards and value added services - gift and prepaid cards, top-ups, loyalty programs…

In addition, Ingenico’s tokenization service will soon be compliant with the ePayment solution and enables any merchant to track its customers through any purchasing channel while freeing them from the management of sensitive data.


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