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BNL POSitivity - Italy adopts Ingenico technology to provide new services on their terminals 25 Ocak 2011

BNL POSitivity - Italy adopts Ingenico technology to provide new services on their terminals

Incendo Online, the new WEB-based architecture for added value applications on EFT-POS terminals, also successfully installed on BNL POSitivity (BNP Paribas Group)

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Incendo OnlineIngenico (Euronext : FR0000125346 - ING), the leading worldwide provider of payment solutions, today announces that it is now possible to quickly and simply develop and distribute applications on POS networks thanks to an innovative Ingenico solution: Incendo Online. This is a further step towards the evolution of POS devices from Point of Sale to Point of Services, meaning that the terminal is no longer a simple payment device but also an access point for Value Added Services (VAS). This technical infrastructure has been chosen by BNL POSitivity (the Italian subsidiaries of BNP Paribas Group) in order to enhance its POS network with new features.

Ingenico Italia has launched the first service based on Incendo Online jointly with BNL and BNL POSitivity (the Italian subsidiaries of the BNP Paribas Group). The service manages donations to one of the most important Italian charity organizations gathering funds for medical research. The service has started on a limited number of pilot merchants and has been rolled out on iCT250 terminals. The customer can decide to donate small amounts using a credit or debit card after the first payment or at any other time
Moreover, Ingenico Italia also provides automatic reporting both for BNL and BNL POSitivity and for merchants, for a better monitoring of donations.

Incendo Online leverages the hardware evolution of the POS in terms of display capabilities, high speed TCP/IP connection, and huge memory availability to integrate new Web technologies such as XML, Web Services and SSL3. This allows the POS to access an unlimited number of VAS hosted on remote servers.

Incendo Online architecture is based on a customized browser, the applications access the VAS, so no software installation or POS configuration is required. The service is provided centrally just like a usual Web Application, according to the SaaS concept (Software as a Service).
Ingenico POS can access a wide portfolio of services such as loyalty, mobile top-ups, instant messaging, electronic meal tickets, remote maintenance and so on, whilst still keeping the POS payment features.

The main advantage of this architecture is that the terminal acts only as a tool to access VAS. The VAS are developed and updated in real time on the server by the service providers themselves: thanks to Incendo Online, the server manages the operations performed on the terminal with maximum flexibility. Services are provided centrally and any change is immediately accessible to all the terminals when connected.

Luciano Cavazzana, Managing Director of Ingenico Italia, says We are enthusiastic about providinge the most innovative technology for EFT-POS to a very important operator like BNP Paribas. The chance to reduce the time to market and the development costs for new services is a key factor in optimizing the use of the POS network and improving partnerships with customers and merchants alike”.

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