Italy's first digital signature system for credit card transactions.

About CartaSi

The CartaSi Group is the first banking service provider in Italy to offer an electronic signature system, to accelerate and secure credit card payments. Ingenico proved to be a valuable partner in the process, providing robust technology and unique counselling, that allowed us to roll out a highly innovative service in a very short time." 

Marco Torri, Sales & Marketing Manager, Si Servizi

CartaSi is the leading credit card service provider in Italy, serving 700 banking outlets, 415.000 merchants and 7 million customers.


To set up Italy's first nation wide electronic signature capture system, effectively streamlining the payment process by eliminating the need for manually signed paper receipts.


Ingenico's POSimage service and i6650 / i6780 signature capture terminals (with color or monochrome display), offering a user-friendly interface, speed in payments and versatility.

The POSimage service allows credit card holders to sign their payment tickets electronically and securely, with an electronic pen and digital capture technology.

The solution is built on the Ingenico i5100 EFT-POS, one of the most widespread payment terminals in the country, with more than 600.000 units currently in use by Italian shop owners. Merchants are equipped with an Ingenico i6000-series terminal as a side unit, where customers are requested to sign the digital receipt.


The POSimage service simplifies and accelerates the payment process at the counter. Transaction data is transferred and stored centrally, using secure protocols. Shop owners have a quick and easy access to payment archives, in case of a dispute. As an additional benefit, the terminal's screen display provides shop owners with a unique opportunity for visual merchandising and advertising.

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